Ceramic Round Blow Dry Brush

Ceramic Round Blow Dry Brush

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Ceramic Round Blow Dry Brush For Long Lasting Volume

WHAT: The Kitsch Ceramic Round Blow Dry Brush is the perfect styling tool to create lasting volume in any blow dry look you are achieving.

HOW: Smooth out texture & create a polished look effortlessly with the flexible nylon bristles.

WHY: The vented ceramic barrel helps improve dry time & reduce heat damage by staying warm & directing less heat on the hair.

Benefits: Creates lasting volume, Gently smooths natural hair texture, Eliminates frizz & flyaways, Helps reduce heat & damage on hair, 2.4" size adds volume, waves, or straightens short, medium, & long hair, Vents allow airflow for faster drying & No-slip coating for ultimate grip.


Brush Handle: PLA environmentally friendly corn starch fibers

Ceramic Core: Recyclable aluminum

Bristles: Recycled nylon

Product Information: 1.25” wide brush handle 2.4” diameter barrel 10” long